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Because when you grow Salad Blue potatoes, you expect something like maybe two-three inches long, something nice to mash up and enjoy.

You do not expect this: )
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So at the top of the back hill, there’s the Forsythia and this flowering bush.

It blooms after the Forsythia stops, nearly immediately. Clusters of 1/2"-3/4" white flowers, slightly sweet, heavy scent that fills the area. Sometimes when the breeze is just right, I can smell it inside the house.

It along, with the Forsythia, was planted before we moved here, so no idea how old it is. It wasn’t taken very good care of, so is very leggy in its growth. The hill beneath it is eroding as well, so I’d built a low brick wall to help retain the soil under it. You can see what I mean in the first photo.

I thinned out the dead stock this year, and trimmed it back a bit, so hopefully it’ll start growing in thicker and healthier.

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Apr. 28th, 2011 06:26 pm
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Hi, I'm Yena, and I want to babble about our garden!

My Household ([personal profile] sharpest_asp, [personal profile] katarik and I) have been working on a set of garden boxes for a bit. Also we have a strawberry bed that has been here for years (and unfortunately showed it this year...)

Since it was a beautiful day, I thought I'd take some pictures, and this seems like the place to put them other than my own journal.

We're in Central Missouri, and we have had insane amounts of rain. Also, I cannot start seeds for the life of me, so the peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and potatoes were purchased from a nursery. Or traded with friends -- one of the peppers and one of the tomatoes are from a coworker's starts.

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The mini-bog and main bog are really starting to kick into gear. I've got a bunch of flowers on the pitchers and I'm starting to get fully grown pitchers.

DSCN1674 levels

A ton of photos under this cut. I'll group pictures of the same plants together. )

Spider space!
This is under a separate cut because it contains spiders )
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Knitted garden planter

I knitted a small hanging planter to go on my fence.

Because most of my back garden is concrete, I need to use a lot of nontraditional concepts for gardening. I could do the traditional hanging baskets, but I can knit, and I had twine, and I wanted to see what was possible.

It had a plastic bag as the liner, with a hole in the bottom for drainage.

I don't know how long it'll last. I'm assuming it won't last through a harsh winter, but, to be fair, I doubt the plant will last past the first frost either.

So, if it works, I'll write it up as a knitting pattern. And I'll make a bunch for all over my fence and plant a lot of long trailing basket-based flowers. Or strawberries - I'm thinking strawberries could be a really interesting thing to put into something like this.

(I also love the fact that I can cross-post this in [community profile] knitting as well as [community profile] gardening...)

Edit: You can find the pattern on my site now.


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