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My name is Lupin and I am probably going to be spamming this page with questions sooner or later. I always seem to do that when things go wrong with my plants (I have a horrible black thumb and seem to be able to kill off cacti. Cacti.) and the garden in our backyard. Hopefully, I'll become a little more plant savvy like my dad and grandfather.

Anyways, my question is this:

I have a Senecio radicans (better known as String of Bananas) that is better off inside that outside as I discovered when I forgot to water it for a week and most of it became burnt from 90+ degree weather. It's since popped back up in the last few weeks and is doing well now that it's in my room which gets a nice amount of afternoon sun. I have been watering once a week, give or take a day depending upon work and if I remember.

However, in its pot, along the top of the soil, is a bunch of fuzzy patches of white mold.

I know a few techniques for getting rid of mold, but I've also been told you can leave it alone, and if you want to prevent it, don't water it so much.

What do you guys think I should do? With my black thumb, if I tend to leave plants alone, they do better :P


It has many burned/shriveled leaves on its branches, and a lot of healthy green ones. Should I pull the dead ones off or will they fall off on their own?
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Hi everyone, I've been nosing around this community for a few days and I thought it'd be good to introduce myself. I live in South-East England, hardiness zone 8 bordering on 9, AHS heat zone 2, and about 600mm of rain annually. I'm not that good a gardener as most of my problems come from forgetting to water plants, but I'm willing to give growing some of my own fruit and veg a go.

Currently my garden (in a house with my parents and fiancé) is in a state of, well, not disrepair but it's being completely redone with some nice decking and a ton of plants that I've never seen before. I've been allocated a section (3m by 3.5m) of the garden for a vegetable patch, and some space on the decking for some patio plants. I'm planning on growing tomatoes, lettuce, beetroot, peppers, carrots and potatoes in the veg patch; raddishes and hopefully some mixed salad leaves in containers in the kitchen; and blueberries, strawberries and raspberries on the decking.

I will say this about me: I'm interested in growing foods that not only taste nice, but look good and/or unusual )

Although I do have a couple of questions )
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Hello all! Seeing other people's photos has made me even more impatient for my seeds to sprout and my seedlings to get big enough for transplant. The recent warm weather isn't helping either...

So, I'm in the California Bay Area; USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 9a/9b, Sunset Zone 15. The weather this year was really weird - dry over the winter and then several huge rainstorms just when I'd usually start planting (it was so wet my peas - sugar snap and snow - rotted in the ground. That has never happened to me before.) As a result, I feel like I'm behind in getting my garden started.

I mostly grow vegetables at the moment, and I have a rather cottage-garden sensibility when comes to landscaping and flowers. I love roses, but since I'm renting at the moment, I can't really indulge myself there.

Photos thisaway. )


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