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Hello all! Seeing other people's photos has made me even more impatient for my seeds to sprout and my seedlings to get big enough for transplant. The recent warm weather isn't helping either...

So, I'm in the California Bay Area; USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 9a/9b, Sunset Zone 15. The weather this year was really weird - dry over the winter and then several huge rainstorms just when I'd usually start planting (it was so wet my peas - sugar snap and snow - rotted in the ground. That has never happened to me before.) As a result, I feel like I'm behind in getting my garden started.

I mostly grow vegetables at the moment, and I have a rather cottage-garden sensibility when comes to landscaping and flowers. I love roses, but since I'm renting at the moment, I can't really indulge myself there.

Photos thisaway. )
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Knitted garden planter

I knitted a small hanging planter to go on my fence.

Because most of my back garden is concrete, I need to use a lot of nontraditional concepts for gardening. I could do the traditional hanging baskets, but I can knit, and I had twine, and I wanted to see what was possible.

It had a plastic bag as the liner, with a hole in the bottom for drainage.

I don't know how long it'll last. I'm assuming it won't last through a harsh winter, but, to be fair, I doubt the plant will last past the first frost either.

So, if it works, I'll write it up as a knitting pattern. And I'll make a bunch for all over my fence and plant a lot of long trailing basket-based flowers. Or strawberries - I'm thinking strawberries could be a really interesting thing to put into something like this.

(I also love the fact that I can cross-post this in [community profile] knitting as well as [community profile] gardening...)

Edit: You can find the pattern on my site now.


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