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Hi everyone,

I've been relatively busy in my garden and have a lot of things planted up both inside and outside, and am starting to see the first shoots of various plants.

Description of problem + picture )

I would really like to know what this is, where it's come from (if possible as I suspect the bark might be the culprit), and how to get rid of them (ideally with as little harm to anything else, especially as my cat has taken to eating some of the plants we've got). Thanks for your help :)

Edit: I'm in SE England, just on the outskirts of London city.

Edit 2: They're thrips.
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Hello all!
 Can someone suggest a solution for the pollination of my citrus blossoms? We're suffering from a dearth of bees (that's hardly news) AND the few I've seen ignore the citrus blossoms: so far, I've seen averages of 2/3 -bees on the thyme, 1-2 apparently in love with the roses (which are decorative, colourful and....nearly odourless) and the odd bumblebee on the melons. Blackberry and apple flowers are being (as far as I see) ignored.

Suggestion, please? é_è
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I recently moved to a mountainside in North West Wales where I have a large patio with flowerbeds and a view down to the sea. I've grown fruit and veg on a south facing balcony before but this is the first time dealing with stuff you actually plant in the soil! And although spring has been sunny and warm, the location means we're prone to high winds and (I've been told) a lot of salt content. Certainly, my patio is the most exposed of all the properties up here and I've noticed that plants tend to be slower to flower than those downhill. In terms of adding colour, I'm having a bit more success with bedding plants in tubs.

I picked up what I think is a blueberry bush from a local branch of Netto one night. They were selling them cheap and I'd never grown anything like it before. I didn't want to plant it out front as I wasn't sure how big it could get but I thought I could at least give it a try in a pot. Added the marigolds a week ago in order to keep insects away, along with a handful of fresh bark chippings. It's actually starting to look a lot healthier than it does in this picture.

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I live in Yorkshire in the UK, and I have a tiny garden full of containers, window boxes and hanging baskets. I mostly like to grow food, and as such I wanted to ask a question. I have had a reasonable amount of success with strawberries this year - I bought Albion and they are still fruiting and have produced lots of runners, and I also have some tiny wild strawberries which my wife brought back from his dad's garden in Devon - and I love them so much I was thinking of getting some more. The thing is, space is at an extreme premium. So... I was considering these.

Anybody have any experience of this particular breed of strawb? Do they do what it says on the tin?

My Garden!

Jun. 8th, 2010 07:12 pm
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I'm feeling particularly proud of my garden this week, and wanted to share pictures with the interwebs. ;)

I live in Brooklyn, New York, in a neighborhood with a little space; we have a first-floor apartment with a backyard, but our whole yard is paved, and lined with little evergreen trees in raised beds. We've also got good light only on one side of the yard, moreso now that our next door neighbors put up an eight-foot fence on their side. (I'm actually fine with this, since it keeps their pit bull out of my yard, which the previous fence did not.) So mostly I do container gardening, with a few plants in the raised beds where I can squeeze them in.

I'm also a food-gardener. Er, OK, I'm a foodie who gardens because that means I get easy fresh produce. I also compost because I'm a foodie and have enviro-fascist leanings. I have no inherent love of putting things in dirt and making them grow, but it's grown on me over time. And I don't reeeeealy do much research into my gardening; mostly I throw things at dirt and if they die, sulk and curse their departed spirits.

On to the photos.

pretty growing things, occasional asking of advice from wise fellow gardeners )

I'd feel very accomplished, if it weren't for the fact that a lot of the Bangladeshi immigrants in my neighborhood actually garden so hard-core that their front yards are full of carefully arranged furrows of okra and peppers and eggplants. I am a rank amateur compared to my neighbors.
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... (or two, if your Chosen One needs a pollinator), what would it be, and why?

We have room for a few fruit trees, and I'm having a terrible time narrowing down my choices -- I want them ALL. So maybe your opinions will help me prioritize my list!

I already know I want to plant Nikita's Gift persimmon (an American X Asian hybrid). Our woods are full of wild pawpaws, and we live in a peach-growing region so I can get all the tree-ripened peaches I want for cheap at the Farmer's Market. So those three fruits are taken care of. But what else???


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