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I know that I am the previous poster as well, but since it's been a few weeks, I hope no one minds...

But basically, my String of Bananas, which had been popping back up with a slight mold problem after I started watering it again and kept it inside... has been starting to fade.

I lightly fertilized it (once, about two weeks ago), and it started growing well with new shoots.

Well, quite a few of those new shoots are now brown, withered, and if they are not dry and hard, they are wet and mushy, including some new leaves. Some of the older tendrils that started growing longer have the same dying ends.

I have been watering it about a cup and a half once a week, not letting the soil dry out too much as some websites have recommended, and it is hanging off to the side from my window, which faces the west. We have the AC on now due to the heat, so it doesn't get above 85 degrees F in my room.

Tonight, I looked through it and cut off a lot of the dead branches from it, left over from when I almost killed it with sun and heat, so I am hoping that will help, as those sites say it likes regular trimming.

Does anyone have any advice for me? What I might be doing to it and how to correct this?

Thank you!
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Early last year, I bought a cactus pad from the produce section at the grocery store & made it back into a plant. Last May, it sprouted 2 new pads (wasn't sure if it was flowering or what..turns out it was just growing *grin*). Now there's a BUNCH more going on, so I thought I'd share; pics behind the cut. )

And for some variety, here's today's harvest (which I'm snacking on as we speak)..mmm sweet peas. I planted them in 3 waves, each 2 weeks apart, so I should be getting peas for weeks to come, yay! :D


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