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Hello, all!

When I started this community, Dreamwidth was a much smaller place; the site and the comm are coming up on our first anniversary, and it's time for some updates. I never got around to putting up a proper profile or guidelines, and I feel like I haven't even really introduced myself or the comm to a lot of people who have come along since the early days. So consider this a belated welcome post, as well as a (Northern-hemisphere) spring refresh for the whole comm.

I'd like to invite anyone reading here to post an intro to their garden: whether you're new to the comm, or you've been here for a while, or you posted last year but have updates for next season's plans.

A few admin-ish notes:

* I've posted some guidelines to the [community profile] gardening profile. Y'all have been fantastic since the beginning about posting with respect and good sense, and the new guidelines are intended to continue the mood we already have here. Even so, if you have any concerns at all, please let me know.

* I'll be tagging previous posts as I have the time over the next few days. There's a list of common tags in the profile: please feel free to add any that apply to your posts going forward. You can also create new tags, and I encourage you to do so, especially when the common tags aren't detailed enough -- I imagine that this will be the case for things like posts about specific plants.

I can't wait to hear about what you're growing!
gchick: WW2 Poster: Your Victory Garden Counts More than Ever (garden)
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Hi all,

I've changed the layout of the comm and tweaked the colors: my thanks go to [personal profile] sara for pointing out that she couldn't see any tags. Let me know if anything looks horribly wrong.


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