Aug. 13th, 2011 05:32 pm
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I'm moving on Monday (eeeeeeeek!) from an apartment where I have lived and gardened well for six years. Leaving my beautiful, wild, messy, food-making garden is breaking my heart a little (not to mention leaving my compost bin--the dirt I made), so I'm trying to figure out what, if anything I can salvage from it and take with me on my 300 mile trek to my new house in a small rural town.

I have, in pots, some chives, thyme, and mint. I also have four brussels sprouts and a kale plant in the ground, and a huge wild mess of strawberries. I am wondering the following:

1) Will the brussels sprouts and kale survive in pots? I know the strawberries can, but I'm less sure of the others. I won't be able to break the ground at my new apartment, so I can't plant them when I get there. (Note: the sprouts have some kind of infestation--little white things that flutter off them when I shake them. Also a lot of flies, so maybe they are baby flies? IDK.)

2) If I can move my plants to pots, can I put them in a big plastic box (like this), seal it up, and give it to my movers? They'll be in there from Monday mid-day through Tuesday afternoon, in a non-climate controlled truck. The alternative is to try to move them in our trunk, where they might not have to be closed in and would only be in there for 6-8 hours, but I'm not sure how much room we'll have.

Also, a related question:

Does anyone on here vermicompost? ince I will probably only be in my new place one year, and it's a place with frigid winters, I'm not going to put in a full compost bin, but we've got a basement and/or mud room that would make a good home for a worm bin. For those in the US, where do you go to get worms? I got mine for my last bin from the LES Ecology Center, but I don't even know what to Google for to look for them. My two thoughts are that a) I live near an agricultural extension center, and maybe they will have them, and b) there's a lot of fishing where we're moving, and I've seen gas stations with live bait vending machines, so I guess that would work in a pinch?


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