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Hi everyone! [personal profile] sabreuse pointed me over here and I'm glad to have found this community.

I live in Melbourne, Australia and have a container garden for vegies/herbs/etc, which I share with my housemate [profile] aquaprofundanet. We're renting at present, and our landlords aren't keen on us making any real changes to the garden, so we're limited in what we can do. Still, we get some vegies out of it, and seldom have to buy herbs, and we supplement with a bit of urban foraging and some fruit from friends with trees.

My dream is to have a place with enough space for a big vegie garden, fruit trees, and some chickens, but I sometimes despair of ever being able to combine that with my profession and my need to live somewhere with decent internet. Fingers crossed for better rural broadband in the near future, I guess.

The other day I was talking with some friends about how I wished there was a really good online community site for food gardeners, especially the sort of green/sustainable/hippy types who are into organics, permaculture, urban agriculture, self-sufficiency, slow food, heirloom vegies, and that cluster of interests. I was thinking something like Ravelry, but with an explicit Dreamwidth-like ethos and of course all open source. Since people seemed into the idea I've started a community for it at [community profile] growstuff so if anyone here would like to join us in building this thing, please come on over.
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