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Early last year, I bought a cactus pad from the produce section at the grocery store & made it back into a plant. Last May, it sprouted 2 new pads (wasn't sure if it was flowering or what..turns out it was just growing *grin*). Now there's a BUNCH more going on, so I thought I'd share; pics behind the cut. )

And for some variety, here's today's harvest (which I'm snacking on as we speak)..mmm sweet peas. I planted them in 3 waves, each 2 weeks apart, so I should be getting peas for weeks to come, yay! :D
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I've never planted peas in my garden before -- mostly because I never get organized early enough! I was walking through my garden yesterday and saw my very first pea pod, about two inches long. I marveled at it for a minute, and searched the rest of the pea patch very thoroughly and didn't see any others.

I walked past there again four hours later, and there were inch-long peas all over the place! How did they grow so fast?!

I poked around the flowers in various stages of development until I figured out that the pea develops in the flower curled up in a little circle, and when it gets big enough it bursts out through the fading bloom, and straightens out.

Do all varieties of pea do this, or does my 10 cent package of seeds from the hardware store contain Magic Explosive Peas? *g*


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