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I have a netting enclosure in my garden for making leafmould. I've never made this before, and was wondering if anyone had any advice. As I understand it, there are a couple of reasons for rotting leaves down separately rather than just chucking them in the compost with everything else:

  • They rot more slowly than most things you'd put in your compost, so separating them out means they won't be sitting in your general compost pile holding things up.
  • Leafmould improves soil structure, while general compost provides soil nutrients, so if you make leafmould separately and mix it with compost in different proportions, you can have more control over the resulting brown stuff.
  • Relatedly, the low level of nutrients in leafmould means that it's more appropriate for starting seedlings, for which compost can be a bit too rich.

Here are some relevant links I found:

I'd appreciate any advice or comments! I also have a specific question: are there any types of leaf that shouldn't go in leafmould? For example, spinach leaves go limp and rot down very quickly, so presumably these aren't suitable for going in leafmould. Is there an easy way to decide which leaves I should put in and which I shouldn't?


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