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Community description:Gardening discussion of all kinds

Welcome to Gardening on DW! This community welcomes all kinds of gardeners and garden fans: edibles and ornamentals, conventional and organic methods, from a single pot to a completely designed landscape. All experience levels are welcome: don't worry that you need to be a master gardener. I'm not, none of my gardening friends here or offline are, and all of us keep learning (not to mention enjoying it more!) by sharing our thoughts.

You're encouraged (but never required) to write an intro post, and use that post to introduce your garden, too. And don't forget to tell us where on Earth you live: climates and growing seasons being what they are, what's happening this week in, say, my garden in North Carolina (Southern US) is almost certainly not the same thing readers are seeing someplace colder or drier or in the Southern hemisphere.

The comm welcomes questions, pictures, photographs, stories, links, quotations, poems, articles, rants, reviews, anecdotes, announcements, and anything else, as long as they touch on growing things. Feel free to jump in any time, especially when the community's quiet. If you have any admin questions, complaints or suggestions, feel free to email or pm me at [personal profile] gchick.

Guidelines for posting:

* Please use cuts if your post is likely to take over people's reading pages. Photo posts are love, but if it's more than a moderate-sized pic or two it should go behind a cut. Be kind to slow connections and small screens.

* If you are embedding video-with-audio or audio, or are linking to audio or video content, please note in your post that viewers' computers are about to make noise when they view that content; when you can, set it not to play automatically. If you can't stop the autoplay on embedded media, you must use a cut.

* Please keep accessiblity in mind for people who might have trouble accessing visual, audio, or high-bandwidth content; please use alt tags, transcripts, or text descriptions or summaries.

* If your post contains material which should be viewed with discretion, please use Dreamwidth's features to label it as such, and use a cut.

* Be civil to each other. Respectful disagreements are fine, but flames are never okay.

Guidelines for tagging:

Tagging is open to all members; I (and any future mods) reserve the right to add tags to all posts in order to make the community easier for future readers to navigate. Please consider using the following community-wide tags for your posts:

by post type: art, design, landscape, photos, tours

by plant type: edibles, flowers, fruit, herbs, ornamentals, trees, vegetables

by garden type: food gardens, organics, permaculture, water gardens, xeriscaping

by activity: planting, growing, harvesting

by growing conditions: climate, seasons, soil

You are also welcome to add your own tags, especially for more specific things like species or climate details. If you'd like to nominate a tag for the list on this page, contact me!


Parts of these community guidelines are modeled with permission on [community profile] common_nature; you should go and check them out.
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